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november 08, 2009 - best day of my life
i love wrestling but i don't like divas
this blog is only gonna be used for live blogging

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as you can see i don’t use this blog anymore. follow me on my personal blog here. i reblog all my wrestling stuff there now

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i’m getting off here so enjoy the rest of raw bye

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top 15 divas (past and present) : 14. stephanie mcmahon.



I remember posting somewhere once in a thread about why girls aren’t exploited in animation anymore where some guy said, “all the disney girls are drawn to be generally attractive, but I don’t think there are any eye-candy men… or are there? Are there any Disney men that lots of girls like?” and I mentioned Roger. Tons of girls replied agreeing with me and the original guy was like “wait, Roger? from 101 Dalmatians? What’s attractive about him, he’s tall and lanky and has a big nose, he isn’t muscley at all! Wouldn’t you all prefer Gaston or something? Or do you girls think his big nose is indicative of something else?” and I was like “no, you idiot, he’s a silly, goofy guy who likes animals and can play a bunch of instruments, that’s why he’s attractive. What’s the matter with you? Gaston, seriously?”

This is why we need more girls in animation. And more guys like Roger apparently. 

my favorite disney art style